Drummadic VST

Your #1 VST for BANGIN’ Hip Hop Drums

WARNING: Super DOPE drums may cause SERIOUS addiction – Use at your own risk!

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Drummadic VST is the #1 VST
for BANGIN’ hip hop drums.
Designed by Traumah Braumah,
Sound designer for Traumah Drums,
ER Drums, & Native Instruments.
Inspirations for Drummadic VST
are legendary music producers like: 
Dr. Dre, Dj Battlecat, Dj Premier,
J Dilla, Timbaland, Neptunes, & more!

BANG The Drums

Fully Loaded with 70 drum banks
& 700 BANGIN’ drum sounds,
Drummadic VST is packed with all
the FIRE you need to make HEAT.
Don’t waste your time & energy
tweaking weak drums EVER again!

SLAP The Pads

10 Digital pads that react in
real-time whenever you BANG
on your MIDI controller.
Designed to give you the vibe & 
feel of real analog drum machines.

CRANK The Faders

Every pad is assigned to its own 
channel on Drummadic VST’s
built in mixer, allowing you to
pan & crank up your drums 
to hit harder, louder, & cleaner!

Tweak The Knobs

The Pitch,  Attack, & Release knobs
give you the power to transform any
drum bank to sound how you want.
 Need more room & dimension?
Just twist the Reverb knob & instantly
add a splash of ambience to your track!
32 & 64 Bit VST/AU Plugin
For All DAWS (accept for Reason)
Size: 1.4 GB (Unzipped)
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The #1 Bangin' Hip Hop Drum VST

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